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Sport England

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http://www.sportengland.orgSport England

Sport England’s mission is to create an active nation through sport – providing investment, advice and promoting sport to achieve this.


Responsible for community sport, it aims to increase the number of people who are involved in sport and to widen access; to retain people in sport and active recreation, through an effective network of clubs, facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitive opportunities; and supports them on the road to success.


Sport England works through partners, regionally and nationally, including UK Athletics, to support the effective delivery of community sport. Sport England invests both Government and National Lottery funding into places to play sport and the people that make sport happen.


Regional investment decisions are made by Sport England’s nine regional sports boards in line with the region’s priorities for sport and England Athletics’ nine regions are configured to work closely with these panels.


As part of its supporting role in the delivery of the Government’s PE, school sport and club links (PESSCL) strategy, Sport England funds athletics’ school-club links programme in England via investment in the governing body and directly to County Sports Partnerships. Its ‘Step into Sport’ funding also supports a volunteer development strategy within England, led by UKA and delivered by England Athletics staff.  

Legacy Funding

The creation of a Legacy Fund for athletics to compensate the sport for the loss of the 2005 World Championships was first announced in October 2001, and the financial details were confirmed in May 2002: £21m for capital projects and £20m for revenue projects.  Sport England has been the gatekeeper for this funding and the capital developments benefiting from Legacy have been ongoing since 2002, with a number of major projects already completed. These include the Community Athletics Refurbishment Programme that has provided £5 million Lottery funding, which together with partnership funding has resulted in a total investment of £12 million in the upgrading and renewal of 87 community athletics tracks and stadia.

The revenue support was successfully awarded from April 1st, 2006 based on the funding application made by UK Athletics in conjunction with all four Home Country associations under the One Stop Plan.  

World Class Facilities

Sport England also supports world class performance through its investment into the network of high performance centres around the country, although English Institute of Sport funding has now transferred to UK Sport.


Visit the Sport England website.