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UK Athletics

sportsaid 2018 


SportsAid is the charity for sports people, raising funds from institutional and commercial sectors, to help the next generation of young British sportsmen and women to succeed. SportsAid supports more than a thousand athletes from over 60 sports every year.

The SportsAid nomination process is an online “by nomination only” system. Athletes will be nominated by British Athletics and invited to submit an online application form via an email. However, due to the unpredictability of email addresses, British Athletics accepts no responsibility for those who do not receive an invitation - the onus remains with the athlete to request a nomination/invitation if they believe they meet the criteria and have not been contacted by 5th December 2018.

Please note that nomination is the first stage of the process and is in no way a guarantee of an award - SportsAid will work with partners and sponsors to source funding to nominated athletes.

Important Dates:

  • By 5th November 2018 - Invitations to apply will be sent via email to nominated athletes.


- Athletes who believe they meet the criteria but who have not received an invitation should contact Mary Edwards via email at medwards@britishathletics.org.uk

  • Sunday 2nd December 2018 – Deadline for all athletes to finalise and submit their online application. 


There is no exception to this deadline or nomination process.

Who is eligible?

As SportsAid nominations form part of British Athletics’ performance pathway for athletes, consideration is only given to events which feature in Olympic and World Championships.

  • Unfunded athletes selected in individual events for the IAAF World Youth Championships, European Junior and Under 23 Championships.


  • Where possible* relay athletes who medal at the above championships.


  • UK athletes in the Under 23 or Under 20 age group during the summer of 2017 and who are not already funded through the Futures or WCPP Podium Potential or Podium Programmes.  Athletes should be ranked in the top two* non-funded (not Futures or WCPP) in their age group (outdoor 2017 season), U23 rankings are included here.


  • Where possible* U17 athletes ranked top one* non-funded (not Futures or WCPP) in their age group (outdoor 2017 season) will be considered.


  • U23s should be above the 2017 senior Power of 10 UK 10 target line.


  • U20s should be above the 2017 U20 Power of 10 UK 10 target line.


  • U17s should be above the 2017 U17 Power of 10 UK 10 target line.


  • Wind assisted performances shall not be accepted and hand timed performances in 100m, 200m, 400m 100m/110m hurdles, 400m hurdles shall not be accepted.


  • Only one* athlete from Women’s U20 1500m steeplechase and one* from Women’s U20 2000m SC will be selected and only one* athlete from Men’s U20 2000m SC and one* from Men’s U20 3000m SC will be selected.


  • Walks and marathon events - where there is no Power of 10 line – will be looked at on a case by case basis and in discussion with the National Event staff but athletes would still need to feature highly in their event group.


  • Where possible* we will look to retain athletes from 2017 SportsAid who may have moved out of the top 2 (due to moving up an age group) and also athletes who have come off of the 2017 Futures programme but this will be dependent upon nomination places awarded and the criteria below.


*All the numbers listed above will depend on the number of nomination places awarded by SportsAid to Athletics.

Performance and Progression Criteria

  • Performance level and ranking will be key criteria in deciding nominations and in prioritising the nominees.  Consistency, development and performances especially at the major age group championships will be taken into consideration, as may performances and progression in previous years.


Commitment Criteria

  • The athlete will be expected to show how they envisage spending any funding awarded to them.  It is expected that any grant would be used to benefit to their athletics development and/or their essential athletics costs.


  • The Coach should demonstrate a desire for continued professional development.


  • The athlete may be expected to make some appearances or to communicate regularly with SportsAid and its sponsors and this would be discussed and arranged at a convenient time.



Prioritising of grants

  • Under 23 and Under 20 athletes, will be prioritised over Under 17 athletes.


  • Combined Eventers followed by Pole Vaulters will be prioritised over other event groups.


ONLY those athletes who meet the criteria should apply via this process.  Podium, Podium Potential and Futures funded athletes will be published on the British Athletics website in mid-November therefore you will be able to ascertain if you qualify for a SportAid nomination.

Additionally ‘extra’ awards may be made available later in the year and SportsAid will contact athletes directly should ‘extra’ opportunities arrive after this first wave of nominations.

NB: Information above is relevant for athletes from throughout the UK but athletes from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should additionally contact their Home Country Athletics Associations (Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics, and Athletics Northern Ireland details below) for more information and especially if they do not fit the criteria above, for possible Home Country nomination:

§  Wales: SportsAid Cymru/Wales
Linda Chamberlain-Jones  - 

§  Scotland: Scottish SportsAid Scotland 
Roddy Mackenzie – 

§  Northern Ireland: Mary Peters Trust (MPT) Awards. 
info@marypeterstrust.org   028 9068 6730

§  All queries should be directed by email to Mary Edwards at British Athletics medwards@britishathletics.org.uk