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UK Athletics

strength & conditioning science 

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Support coaches and athletes with developing and optimising their strength and conditioning development. 

  • In conjunction with the technical coach and other service providers, helps identify athlete specific needs.
  • Work with the coach to develop athletic specific interventions.

  • Optimise training adaptation and performance.
  • Develop bespoke solutions to performance questions.
  • Deliver objective, evidence based information training programmes specific to the individual athlete.


Examples of Strength and Conditioning Support:
  • Programme design: The strength and conditioning scientist can work alongside the technical coach to assist them in designing specific programmes that will address the identified needs.
  • Technical coaching: The strength and conditioning scientist can support the coach in developing optimal technique in key lifts and movements.
  • Strength Diagnostics: Specific strength qualities can be measured and tracked throughout the course of the year to ensure that the strength and conditioning programme is being effective and achieving its goals.
  • Daily monitoring: Strength and conditioning science examines the acute responses to strength and power training, using a range of technologies (e.g. strength diagnostics, heart rate variability (HRV) and blood markers). By evaluating training as it happens, the athlete and coach can objectively monitor what impact a particular session has had on the body and structure the week accordingly.
  • Competition support: By monitoring explosive performance, strength and conditioning science can support the coach in ensuring that warm up is optimal for competition performance.

Dr Michael Johnston (Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach)