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UK Athletics

UKA announce lottery funded athletes

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Michael Rimmer at the European Champs
Michael Rimmer has been promoted to World Class Podium

Following a lengthy appraisal process, 37 athletes have been selected to receive World Class Podium funding, whilst a further 72 athletes will receive support as part of the World Class Development programme.


Whilst the 37 athletes marks a small reduction from last year’s list of 42, UK Athletics Performance Director Dave Collins says that this room to manoeuvre gives performance staff further leeway to add athletes later in the year.


“There can be a temptation to fill every available space on a funding programme. However the choice of athletes afford us the opportunity for additions later on in the year, as well as a certain amount of flexibility.


“We have also taken care not to accelerate younger athletes to Podium status before they are genuinely performing at that level, especially when they are ably supported under the World Class Development programme.


“In addition, the programme continues to ensure that the athletes being supported are those with the right processes and remain accountable – therefore some have been funded on the basis that this support will be further reviewed in 6 months time.


“Finally to assist those who do not fall into a category whereby they can receive support from the World Class programme, UK Athletics will seek to provide a support package to athletes where they can still make a contribution towards the aim of podium and top eight performance at a world or Olympic level e.g. selected relay athletes.”


World Class Podium


Five athletes are promoted to World Class Podium funding following excellent performances during the 2006 season. Mo Farah (5000m), Becky Lyne (800m), Michael Rimmer (800m), Sam Ellis (800m) and Mara Yamauchi (Marathon) all make the step up to join the other 32 athletes on the highest support programme.


Tim Benjamin, 24, 400 & 4x400

Jon Brown, 35, Marathon

Kathy Butler 32, Marathon

Tasha Danvers Smith, 29, 400H

Malachi Davis, 29, 4x400

Marlon Devonish, 30, 200 & 4x100

Nathan Douglas, 23, Triple Jump

Michael East, 28, 1500m

Sam Ellis, 24, 800m

Jessica Ennis, 20, Heptathlon

Mo Farah, 23, 5k

Donna Fraser, 33, 400 & 4x400

Jason Gardener, 31, 100 & 4x100

Graham Hedman, 27, 4x400

Phillips Idowu, 27, Triple Jump

Jade Johnson, 26, Long Jump

Mark Lewis Francis, 24, 100 & 4x100

Rebecca Lyne, 24, 800m / 1500m

Dean Macey, 28, Decathlon

Christian Malcolm, 27, 200 & 4x100

Germaine Mason, 23, HJ

Lee McConnell, 28, 4x400

Nick McCormick, 25,1500m/5k

Abi Oyepitan, 26, 100/200

Jo Pavey, 33, 5k

Paula Radcliffe, 32, Marathon

Michael Rimmer, 20, 800m

Martyn Rooney, 19, 400 & 4x400

Greg Rutherford, 19, Long Jump

Nicola Sanders, 24, 400 & 4x400

Goldie Sayers, 24, Javelin

Kelly Sotherton, 29, Heptathlon

Rob Tobin, 22, 400 & 4x400

Chris Tomlinson, 25, Long Jump

Andy Turner, 26, 110H

Rhys Williams, 22, 400H & 4x400

Mara Yamauchi, 33, Marathon


World Class Development


Eight athletes transfer from home country funding packages to join the UK-wide World Class Pathway. They are Amanda Pritchard (800m), David Greene (400mH), Jimmy Watkins (800m) and Stephen Davies - all Formerly Elite Cymru, and Chris Baillie (110mH), Allan Scott (110mH), Susan Scott (800m) and James Campbell (Javelin) - formerly Scottish Institute of Sport.


British Athletics Writers junior female of the year Sian Edwards (5000m), leads a group of eight youngsters who impressed at the World Junior Championships in Beijing, onto World Class Development. Those joining Edwards in the promotion from World class Talent include Luke Cutts (Pole Vault), Gianni Frankis (110mH), Zara Hohn (100mH), Vikki Hubbard (High Jump), Emma Jackson (800m), Steph Pywell (High Jump) and Steph Twell (1500m). Richard Strachan (400m) – the only World Class Talent athlete to be selected for this year’s European Championships in Gothenburg, is promoted up to World Class Development.


Additionally, Emma Duck is rewarded for her excellent 2006 season where she made significant progress over the 400mH and was a key part of the women’s 4x400m relay squad, with a place on the World Class Development programme.


Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, 18, 100m

Andy Baddeley, 24, 1500

Chris Baillie, 25, 110mh

Grant Baker, 19, 400

Danielle Barnes, 21, 1500

Wade Bennett-Jackson, 19, 100/200m

Martyn Bernard, 21, High Jump

Richard Buck, 20, 400

James Campbell, 18, Javelin

Helen Clitheroe, 32, 3k s/c

Luke Cutts, 18, Pole Vault

Stephen Davies, 22, 1500m

Kate Dennison, 22, Pole Vault

Ryan Dinham, 21, 400mH

Lisa Dobriskey, 22, 1500m

Emma Duck, 25, 400mH

Sian Edwards, 17, 3k 5k

Somto Eruchie, 20, 200m

Steve Fennell, 20, 800

Rikki Fifton, 21, 100/200m

Laura Finucane, 20, 800

Gianni Frankis, 18, 110m H

Dale  Garland, 25, 400mH

Robbie Grabarz, 19, High Jump

David Greene, 21, 400mH

Lizzie Hall, 21, 3000mSC

Karen Harewood, 31, 800

Amy Harris, 19, Long Jump

Louise Hazel, 21, Heptathlon

Keith Higham, 20, Pole Vault

Richard Hill, 21, 800m

Zara Hohn, 19, 100mh

Sarah Holt, 19, Hammer

Vikki Hubbard, 17, High Jump

David Hughes, 22, 110mH

Emma Jackson, 18, 800m

Matthew Lambley, 19, Hammer

Tom Lancashire, 21, 800m / 1500m

Steve Lewis, 20, Pole Vault

Colin McCourt, 22, 1500m

James McIlroy, 29, 800m

Jonathan Moore , 22, Long Jump

Chris Mulvaney, 25, 1500m

Alex Nelson, 18, 100m / 200m

Ashlee Nelson, 15, 100m / 200m

Marilyn Okoro, 22, 800m

Anyika Onuora, 21, 100m / 200m

Tom Parsons, 22, High Jump

Craig Pickering, 20, 100

Amanda Pritchard, 26, 800m

Stephanie Pywell, 19, High Jump

Lucy Sargent, 18, 100/200m

Adam  Scarr, 21, High Jump

Susan Scott, 28, 800m

Alan Scott, 23, 110mH

Steve Shalders, 24, Triple Jump

William Sharman, 22, 110H

Jemma Simpson, 22, 800

Alex Smith, 18, Hammer

Ricky Soos, 23, 800m

Andrew Staniland, 19, Long Jump

Richard Strachan, 19, 400m

Jade Surman, 17, Heptathlon

Julian Thomas, 19, 100m / 200m

Chris Thompson, 25, 5000m

Laura Turner, 24, 100/200

Stephanie Twell, 17, 1500m

Chris Warburton, 23, 1500

Jimmy Watkins, 23, 800m

Abby Westley, 19, 800/1500

Simeon Williamson, 20, 100/200

Katrina Wootton, 21, 1500m



UK Athletics Associate Athlete support


The following athletes will receive support direct from UK Athletics for 2006-07:

Chris Lambert, 25, 200 & 4x100

Montell Douglas, 26, 100 4x100

Emily Freeman, 25, 200/4x100

Joice Maduaka, 33, 100 & 4x100

Jenny Meadows, 25, 800m 4x400

Jo Fenn, 32, 800m

Helen Karagounis, 25, 400

Ashia Hansen, 34, Triple Jump