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UK Athletics

Welcome To Our New Website!

Website Logo

On September 20th, UK Athletics launched its new look website.

After listening to users of the website, it has been re-designed so that it is less cluttered, faster to load and easier to use. Visitors should also find it easier to locate information, now that there is a Search facility located throughout the website on the left hand side of the screen. In turn this aided by expandable menus so that when you click on a section in the main navigation on the left, it automatically expands to show you the contents of that section.


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Website Feedback

There is also another line of choices running across the top of the screen below the website banner graphic. Although these do not expand, they are still allowing us to bring more of the content onto the home page where you need it most.


For those who find reading the website to be difficult then there is now the facility to increase the size of the text by simply clicking on 'text larger' at the top of the screen. You also now have the facility to have the website read out to you after teaming up with BrowseAloud. By simple downloading a free piece of software you can not only have this website read out to you, but many other websites too.


In the coming months more features will be added to the website, such as a new Members area. There will also be more items of general interest, such as profiles of athlete greats, downloads for your computer and other goodies, some of which will be exclusive to members of the website, so be sure to check the website on a regular basis.

We will be also looking to improve the website, by listening to the thoughts and opinions, of you the user. So if you have any ideas as to how the website can be made better then please feel free to send us your feedback using the form below.