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william sharman interview

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William Sharman

01 December 2009

William, this year was a special year for you on the track. At the Loughborough International you stormed to victory. Previously competing as a decathlete some people were surprised to see you run such a quick time and win. Were you expecting to win the race?

Thank you, I always expect to win my races and I am disappointed if I do not win. Unfortunately, there is only ever one winner on the track and you must always strive to be that one. 

Success in 2009 didn't stop there. You were selected for the Aviva GB & NI Team heading to the World Championships in Berlin where you finished 4th in the final. What was it like to compete in a final at the World Championships, and to be told you had become the 5th fastest British 110m hurdler of all time?

Competing in the final felt like I was in my element, I felt I belonged there and that I could really do some damage to the opposition! I ran the fastest race of my life in the final, which is largely all I can ask of myself, but I take great encouragement from the fact that there is a lot more potential that needs turning into realisation, evident even from that very race.

Do you enjoy performing in front of the home fans and what are your plans for competing in the UK in 2010?

I enjoy a home crowd, even more so now that they all know who I am. The chants and the flag waving really give me a buzz. If that support is there again in 2010, then things will get very exciting. I plan to compete at all the major Championships next year.

Following a successful 2009, what are your aims for 2010?

2010 should bring me another personal best performance.

The Aviva International Match kicks off the season. Do you feel the team VS team format of this meet is good preparation for the athletes hoping to perform as part of a team at one of the 4 major championships next year?

I have competed at the Aviva International match before, but it sounds pretty similar to me. Anything similar will give people a definite taste for the real championships so I am in favour of these types of meets. Even though I have not taken part in one recently, I watch them on the TV.

2010 is looking likely to be a great year for athletics in the UK with the introduction of the Diamond League at two events over the summer - what do you think the Diamond League will bring to this country and the sport of athletics as a whole?

I am looking forward to the Diamond league because I think it will bring a more recognisable image to athletics; branding, universal prestige. I also hope that this type of meet improves the organizational element of athletics and moves the awareness of meetings closer to the realms of other professional sports that our nation is also fond of.

Clearly athletics requires a lot of dedication discipline and focus; can you talk us through a typical day in the life of Will Sharman?

Fatherly duties coupled with 2 training sessions in the winter months and one training session in the summer season. Washed down with an evening meal once I get back from training that I sometimes prepare, followed by board games with my fiancé/a film, then a bit of practicing on the piano if I'm not too tired, catching up with emails, occasionally updating the website and then a good long sleep.

Congratulations on becoming a father for the first time this year. How are you coping managing the demands of parenthood and being a professional athlete?

It’s a continual adaptation, but I am very lucky that my son has a great mum!

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