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UK Athletics

Sotherton eyes future in coaching

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Commonwealth Games heptathlon gold medallist Kelly Sotherton is already planning for a future career in coaching.


Sotherton, 28, believes she can become a success in what currently is a male-dominated area, and is learning all the time under the tutelage of the six coaches who she has assigned to help her athletic development.


Sotherton, who aims to qualify for the European Championships at next week's trials in Manchester, said: "There are women coaches who do a marvellous job at a lower grade. But I want to operate at the top and try to go all the way."


She added: "There are not many athletes of my standing who do all their own planning. They rely entirely upon their coaches.


"With my experience I feel I can achieve this goal. Who knows how high I could go in this department?


"I want a role in UK Athletics because I have always wanted to put back what I have taken out of the sport.


"From a personal point of view I am much happier with my present situation. I have a coach for each discipline and it appears to be working.


"It is certainly a lot easier than last season when I was put into a situation which did not help me in any way and why I failed at the big championship (the World Championship, where Sotherton finished fifth).


"Now I co-ordinate everything. It is quite hard but I know what I am doing."

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