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Below is a list of candidates for the England Athletics Regional Council Elections.


Ballot papers must be returned to the Electoral Reform Society by noon on Monday 17th July 2006. 


Any queries should be addressed to either John Temperton on 0870 998 6793 or 07920 532545, or Mathew Dadswell at the Electoral Reform Society on 020 8365 8909.


East                              6 candidates for 5 places

Beth Harris                   
Bob Thompson 
Malcolm Wallace
Richard Wheater
Jo Wilkinson
Paul Willcox                             


East Midlands              10 candidates for 6 places

Ted Butcher                  
Richard Float                
Cy Knibb
John Knight                  
Peter Markham 
Peter Osborne
Barry Parker                 
John Raw                     
John Skevington
Gary Warhurst


London                       8 candidates for 5 places


Don Blackett                
Pat Fitzgerald               
Andy Glover
Laurie Kelly                  
Tony Randall                
Frances Ratchford
Tony Shiret                   
Simon Tuckey


North East                    8 candidates for 6 places

Chris Betts                   
Charles Burke               
Malcolm Dewell
Kevin Flannery  
Bill McGuirk                 
John Russell
Robin Rutherford           
Andy Ward


North West                   11 candidates for 6 places

Matt Barnes                 
Melanie Briggs  
Mike Dooling
Charles Gains               
Michael Harris              
Bob Lynch
Ron McAndrew 
Shaun O’Donnell           
Gwenda Ward
Bob Welfare                 
Arwell Williams


South East                  

There are 7 places for election on the Regional Council allocated at 1 per County, plus each County will have either 2 or 3 members on one of two Sub Regional Management Groups. Regional Council (RC) elections will therefore take place in Hampshire and Sussex, and Sub Regional Management Group (SRM) elections in Hampshire. Other candidates are declared elected unopposed. No nominations were received for Berkshire.



BuckinghamshireRCDr Mick Bromilow
 SRMChris Parkinson
HampshireRC & SRMIan Byett
 RC & SRMColin Goater
 RC & SRMJohn Lofts
 RC & SRMJohn Marsh
KentRC Chris Bowman
 SRM Richard Gibbons
OxfordshireSRMColin Mitchell
 RCAlan Vincent
SurreyRCMike Scott
SussexRC & SRMGraham Jessop
 RC & SRMPeter Masters
 SRMKeith May



South West                  8 candidates for 5 places

                  8 candidates for 5 places


Mike Andrews               
Mike Down                   
Ian Humphreys
Keith Reed                   
Gordon Robbins
Paul Ross
Nigel Rowe                   
Bill Whistlecroft


West Midlands             6 candidates for 6 places.  These 6 are therefore declared elected unopposed.

Stewart Barnes 
Brian Eggleston
John Graves
Graham Heeley 
Chris Lockley               
Dave Russell


Yorkshire & Humber     8 candidates for 7 places

Terry Bailey                  
Edwin Bellamy  
Tim Cock
Malcolm Fletcher          
Mike Moss                   
Wilf Paish
David Paver                  
John Waterhouse