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UK Athletics

Coe-ching key for Lord Seb

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Lord Sebastian Coe insists Britain will only win a satisfactory number of medals at the London 2012 Olympics if they get their coaching structures right throughout the country.


Recent disagreements between athletes and UK Athletics over the issue of central contracts have frustrated many at the top of the sport, but Coe insists it is essential to get the structures right if Britain is to compete in six years' time.


"We've got to find the right structures and the right coaching to produce quality athletes, However, the bottom line is we don't have any alternatives but to find competitive runners," said Coe, who is chairman of the organising committee for the London 2012 Olympics.


"The reality is that the clubs are not what they were and I've always argued that the clubs were always the identifiers of talent and always worked very closely with schools.


"But those are long-term issues, the short-term issue is to find out who we've got that is six years out and how you can apply the best coaching and the best resources to make sure they get up onto that rostrum."


Coe is confident the situation will be sorted out in time for a positive outcome.


"That talent is out there, it's identified, and you only have to look at last year's English schools championship to see that," he added.


"There will be more pressure on the coaching and more pressure on the admin to make sure there is a momentum."

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