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UK Athletics

Vonage - Official Telecoms Sponsor

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Vonage, the pioneering Internet telephone company, has embarked on its first major sponsorship deal in the UK with an agreement to become the Official Telecoms Sponsor to UK Athletics and the Great Britain and the NI Athletics Team. 


The new multi-year agreement commenced this spring and signals the company’s intent to support both the current generation of elite athletes as well as the potential British athletics medal winners in the next two Olympic cycles. Vonage hopes that the extra funding for UK Athletics will help provide crucial support for athletes as they strive for success.


With over 1.6 million subscriber lines as of April 1, 2006, Vonage is at the forefront of the Internet telephony revolution (also called VoIP - voice over Internet protocol). Using a broadband Internet connection to make calls offers considerable cost savings and a range of additional innovative features. Unlike with PC-to-PC VoIP services (such as Skype), Vonage users do not need to be connected to a PC to make calls and can use their existing touch-tone telephone rather than a headset. The service works exactly the same as existing phone services from BT, Telewest or NTL, except it works over broadband. And there is no need to download any software on to a PC!


Vonage offering


Vonage offers two plans: a “Residential Unlimited” plan and a “Small Business Unlimited” plan. With Vonage’s “Residential Unlimited” package (which costs £7.99 a month) customers can make unlimited calls to any geographic fixed line in the UK (e.g. 0207, 0131, etc.) and the Republic of Ireland. With Vonage’s “Small Business Unlimited” package (which costs £18.99 incl. VAT a month) customers get unlimited calls to any geographic fixed line in the UK and the Republic of Ireland plus a free fax line with 500 local and national minutes.


Besides free calls and cheap international and mobile rates, Vonage users also benefit from a series of innovative and useful features such as voicemail, call waiting, caller display, 3-way calling and call diversion as standard. For a complete list of Vonage’s features, please click on the Vonage link on the UK Athletics homepage.


It is important to note that the Vonage service is emergency call enabled - unlike some other VoIP services, Vonage users can call emergency services without needing an operational PC.


The Wi-Fi phone:



Vonage has partnered with UTStarcom Inc., a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and services, to launch the F1000, a portable Wi-Fi handset configured to work with the Vonage service.  The WiFi phone offers voice calls over wireless broadband networks and public hotspots, and is available in the UK via this website for £89.99. The Wi-Fi phone replaces cordless handsets in home and office environments.


The Vonage Wi-Fi phone includes 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Transfer and you can program up to 4 different network settings on your phone, making it easier to logon to different wireless networks.


How easy it is to get started?


  • You will need a broadband connection with an Ethernet enabled modem.
  • You will be sent a small phone adaptor or router that plugs in between your phone and your Internet connection
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to install – plug-in and go… it’s that simple!
  • Vonage will give you a new standard geographic number (you can choose the area code – doesn’t matter where you live) that you can keep for life (take your number with you wherever you go), e.g. a Birmingham customer could get a Birmingham dialling code or if they wish, they can chose one from central London area