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UK Athletics

UK Athletics link with MySport

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1 December 2007 


UK Athletics has linked up with www.mysport.net to offer all licensed coaches and their athletes access to what is best described as the “Online Training Ground”.


The online resource acts like a social networking website for athletics – allowing coaches to share information and exchange messages, videos and training schedules with their athletes in one streamlined user-friendly website.


Coaches can organise, plan and manage personalised athlete training for individual athletes or groups and the site helps overcome the traditional difficulties in accessing appropriate best practice video resources and research articles.


At the core of the service is the ability to exchange and record two-way feedback between coach and athlete, and both can access a wide library of up to date and technically sound coaching resources.


Finally the service is entirely secure, endorsed by the Child Protection in Sport Unit and NSPCC and provides a safe, private environment for coaches and their athletes of all abilities to communicate and work together more effectively. 


Callum Orr, UK Athletics’ head of coaching and teaching said: “MySport is an excellent resource and I would encourage coaches to have a look at how the site can help support them and their athletes. The pilot for the scheme went very well and I am keen to hear from coaches who start using it as to how they find the resource.”


Feedback from coaches:


“The value of MySport to me is being able to log everything to do with that athlete in one place AND the ability to quickly search for the particular piece of information you want.  Saves time and adds value.”  Sonia McGeorge, Ardingly College


“MySport is helping me coach by setting goals for athletes for both sessions and future planning as well being able to provide visual feedback in a quick and easy way for both myself and my athletes.  MySport is saving time and providing an updated coaching resource” 

Alan Richardson, Loughborough Students AC/ Trafford AC


“As an unpaid coach I still have to work to earn a crust. MySport allows me to communicate with my athletes where ever I am, it also allows me to interact with other coaches.  I think it is a tremendous tool for coaches and athletes…”

Malcolm Wallace, Watford Harriers AC


MySport is free to accredited UKA coaches and their athletes to use. With a pilot phase successfully completed, the launch of the website has been announced via email to 500 level 4 coaches, and UK Athletics will notify all other coaches – in excess of 10,000 - over the course of the next few weeks.


To see how MySport can help you as an athlete or a coach visit www.mysport.net.


To login as a coach you only need your email address and 6 digit UKA licence number.