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UK Challenge JumpsFest report, results from Stoke

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Three Under 17 Women were the brightest stars as the UK Challenge JumpsFest was spangled with 23 personal bests and 33 season’s bests at the Northwood Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent, on Saturday 12 August.

On a wild and windy day, Kayley Alcorn (Worthing and District Harriers) and Hannah Hewitson (Vale Royal AC) produced the two furthest triple jumps yet in the UK by Under 17 Women while Chelsea Cooper (City of Stoke AC) went to second in the season’s long jump rankings in the age group.


“It was great,” said Dave Young, chairman of the UK Athletics Jumps Event Management Group. “It was supported by most of the people for whom it was devised – which proves that it is needed. I firmly believe we can be competitive internationally in all four jumps and it’s meetings like this that will help the athletes get there. In addition, we believe there should be more international competition – and there will be, starting in the winter with a jumps international against the Netherlands.”


Here are the highlights in each event…

Men’s high jump Elite competition: Samson Oni (Belgrave Harriers) turned on the heat as the athletes’ barbecue sizzled to add 2cm to his lifetime best and win with a 2.24m clearance at the third attempt. It earned him a morale-boosting victory over Olympics finalist Jamie Nieto (USA), who cleared 2.21m along with fit again Tom Parsons (Belgrave Harriers). The result moves Oni into fourth place in the UK rankings for the season behind the trio in the Norwich Union GB Team at the European Championships. Result: 1 Samson Oni (Belgrave Harriers) 2.24m; 2 Jamie Nieto (USA) 2.21m; 3 Tom Parsons (Belgrave Harriers) 2.21m; 4 Brian Hall (Bolton) 2.10m; 5 Martin Lloyd (Bexley AC) 2.10m; 6 equal Mark Crowley (Enfield and Haringey) and Wanangwa Mkandawire (Sheffield AC) 2.05m.


A competition: 1 Adam Gallie (Derby AC / UWIC AC, SM) 2.02m; 2 Steven Ridgway (Telford AC, U20) 2.02m; Ben Mourbey (Chesterfield and District AC, U20) 1.96m; 4 Jamie Thomas (Birchfield Harriers, SM) and Alex Girdler (Trafford AC, U20 1.96m; 6 Tom Mather (Derby AC, U20) 1.96m; 7 Simon Hemmings (Southend AC, U20) 1.80m.


B competition: 1 Simon Jones (Bedford and County AC, U17) 1.91m; 2 Mitchell Simms (Tipton Harriers, U20) 1.91m; 3 Mike Ehlen (Sale Harriers Manchester, U20) 1.91m; 4 Andrew Reeves (Rugby and Northampton AC, U20) 1.88m; 5 Zack Morrison (Biggleswade AC, U20) 1.85m; 6 Nick Wales (Macclesfield Harriers, U17) 1.82m; 7 Martin Cherrington (Tipton Harriers, U20) 1.79m; 8 Jason Green (Shrewsbury AC, U17) 1.73m; 9 William Sibley (Horsham Blue Star, U17) 1.69m.


Women’s High jump Elite competition: 1 Susan Moncrieff (Trafford AC) 1.83m; 2 Julie Crane (Sale Harriers Manchester) 1.83m; 3 Ailsa Wallace (Cardiff AAC) 1.76m; 4 Julie Hollman (Belgrave Harriers) 1.60m.

A competition: 1 Lucy Hodgkins (Vale of Aylesbury AC, U20) 1.70m; 2 Sade Thompson (Wessex and Bath AC, U20) 1.67m; 3 Kayley Alcorn (Worthing and District AC, U17) 1.67m; 4 Chelsea Cooper (City of Stoke AC, U17) 1.58m; 5 Megan Tyler (Warrington AC, U17) 1.58m; 6 Alice Lennox (City of Stoke AC, U17) 1.50m.

B competition: 1 Elycia Metaxas-Belt (Corby AC, U17) 1.58m; 2 Rachel Spooner (Yate and District, U17) 1.49m; 3 Helen Hanstock (Stroud and District AC, U17) 1.45m; 4 Laura Devergori (Chesterfield and District AC, U17) 1.35m.


Men’s pole vault Elite competition: The top two in the UK Challenge, Christian North (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) and reigning Champion Scott Simpson (Birchfield Harriers) continued their ding-dong battle as the wind blustered around them. Both cleared 5.20m – North at the first attempt, Simpson at the second. Result: 1 Christian North (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 5.20m; 2 Scott Simpson (Birchfield Harriers) 5.20m; 3 Michael Barber (Birchfield Harriers) 5.15m; 4 equal Ben Flint (Enfield and Haringey) and Paul Walker (Loughborough Students) 5.00m; 6 equal Ashley Swain (Newham and Essex Beagles) and Chris Tremayne (Cannock and Stafford) 5.00m; 8 Alan Richardson (Trafford AC) 4.70m; 9 Andy Marsh (City of Stoke, U17) 4.70m; 10 Michael Walker (Cardiff AAC) 4.60m; 11 equal Mark Johnson (Enfield and Haringey), Leigh Walker (Crawley AC) and Chris Mills (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow) 4.40m.

A competition: Under 17 Adam Turvey (Halesowen C&AC) went to equal fifth in this season’s UK rankings with a PB of 4.20m, a great achievement in the blustery cross-wind. Result: 1 Max Eaves (Blackpool and Fylde AC, SM) 4.30m; 2 Tony Hillier (Bristol and West AC, U20) 4.30m; 3 Adam Turvey (Halesowen C&AC, U17) 4.20m; 4 Douglas Curwen-Reed (Wessex and Bath, U20) 4.10m; 5 Edward Mourbey (Chesterfield and District, U17) 4.00m; 6 Scott Hawes (City of Norwich, U17) 3.80m; 7 Laurence Fitch (Corby AC, U17) 3.60m.


Women’s pole vault Elite competition: Catherine MacRae consolidated her second place in the UK Challenge Standings behind UK record holder Janine Whitlock (Belgrave), who gave the competition a miss. MacRae won on count back against Clare Neve, who cleared a season’s best of 3.80m to move into the top eight overall and give herself a chance of reaching the Final. Result: 1 Catherine MacRae (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC) 3.80m; 2 Clare Neve (Trafford AC) 3.80m; 3 Louise Butterworth (UWIC AC) 3.70m; 4 Emma Lyons (UWIC AC) 3.70m; 5 Rachel Gibbens (Marshall Milton Keynes) 3.70m.


A competition: 1 Abigail Haywood (Sale Harriers Manchester, U20) 3.50m; 2 Sophie Upton (Wessex and Bath, U20) 3.45m; 3 Sally Scott (Gateshead Harriers, SW) 3.40m; 4 Rebecca Lilley (Birchfield Harriers, U20) 3.30m; 5 Louise Shortland (Stevenage and North Herts, SW) 3.20m; 6 Bryony Raine (Cardiff AAC, U20) 3.00m; 7 Melanie McCoy (Bolton United Harriers) 3.00m; 8 Holly Savage (Bristol and West AC, U17) 2.90m.

Men’s long jump Elite competition: Chris Kirk (Wakefield Harriers) won with 7.54m – his second best performance of the season – and swept into the lead in the season’s UK Challenge Series. Result: 1 Chris Kirk (Wakefield and District Harriers) 7.54m (+2.9); 2 Ryan James (Birchfield Harriers) 7.32m (+3.5); 3 Steve Small (Loughborough Students) 7.27m (+2.5); 4 Simon Roper (Derby AC) 7.21m (+6.2); 5 Richard Danso (Belgrave Harriers) 7.17m (+4.9); 6 Tosin Oke (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 7.05m (+1.9); 7 Jonathan Ramos (Enfield and Haringey) 6.88m (+3.5); 8 Elliot O’Neill (Macclesfield / Cardiff) 5.04m (+3.2).

A competition: 1 Suote Nyananyo (Newham and Essex Beagles, SM) 7.31m (+3.3) / 7.15m (+1.3); 2 Jonathan Ramos (Enfield and Haringey, SM) 7.16m (+2.6); 3 Mark Holloway (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow, SM) 7.05m (+4.5); 4 David Mountford (City of Stoke, SM) 6.80m (+3.9) / 6.40m (+1.1); 5 Gary Wilson (Belgrave Harriers, SM) 6.79m (+4.4); 6 Anthony Timms (Pudsey and Bramley, U20) 6.76m (+2.9); 7 Laurence Fitch (Corby, U17) 6.56m (+3.8); 8 Andrew Bullimore (Huntingdon AC, U20) 6.44m (+2.6); 9 Andrew Jones (Shrewsbury AC, U20) 6.26m (+2.1).


B competition: 1 Chris Morgan (Crawley AC, SM) 6.64m (+2.8); 2 Andrew Burgess (Wirral AC, U17) 6.36m (+3.0); 3 Iggy Singh (Crawley AC, SM) 6.14m (+3.6); 4 Mark Leicester (Liverpool Pembroke and Sefton, U20) 6.11m (+3.6); 5 Adam Timms (Pudsey and Bramley AC, U17) 5.98m (+2.2); 6 Jason Green (Shrewsbury AC, U20) 5.91m (+4.0); 7 Shaun Heath (City of Stoke AC, SM) 5.80m (+5.3); 8 Ben Williams (City of Stoke AC, U17) 5.36m (+4.2).


Women’s long jump Elite competition: A cracking contest ended with the athletes placed seconds, third and fourth in the UK Challenge standings finishing third, second and first respectively. Sarah Rossiter (Forest of Dean) won with the last leap of the competition, 6.24m (aided by a +4.2 wind) after a fluctuating battle. She had taken the lead in round three with 6.08m (wind: +1.9), then watched Becky White (Sale Harriers Manchester) defy a knee injury to reach 6.00m (wind: +2.1) and Louise Bloor (Trafford AC) go 1cm better (wind: +3.0) in the fourth round. Then Bloor edged into the lead with 6.09m (wind: +2.7) in the penultimate round – only for Rossiter to turn the formbook upside down at the last gasp and set the scene for an enthralling Final when Challenge leader Gillian Cooke will hopefully be back in the fray. Result: 1 Sarah Rossiter (Forest of Dean, SW) 6.24m (+4.2); 2 Louise Bloor (Trafford AC, SW) 6.09m (+2.7); 3 Becky White (Sale Harriers Manchester, SW) 6.00m (+2.1); 4 Alexandra Russell (Wirral AC, U17) 5.89m (+3.1); 5 Hannah Frankson (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies, U20) 5.87m (+3.6); 6 Hayley-Jane Cone (Thames Valley Harriers, SW) 5.65m (+1.0); 7 Azaria Francis (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 5.49m (+2.9).


A competition: Traffic jams on the M6 proved a rare blessing to City of Stoke AC teenagers Chelsea Cooper and Alice Lennox. For they delayed international heptathlete Julie Hollman to such an extent that she missed the Elite competition and arrived in time to face them in the A competition. And Cooper – an outstanding multi-eventer – had the time of her life. She opened with 5.90m (wind: +1.6) which not only gave her the lead for the first two rounds but is also the second-longest by an Under 17 in the UK this year. Then she went out to 5.91m in round three (wind: +3.6) to clinch second place behind Hollman who reeled off 6.14m (+2.4), 6.27m (+3.7) and 6.22m (+3.5). Afterwards, Cooper explained why she was not at all over-awed by her international opponent: “Julie helped me to try and sort out my run-up. She told me I was behind the board because I went wrong at the start of my run-up.” Her coach, Tony Williams, said: “She was 20cm behind the board for her best jump. But she’s having a fantastic season all round.” And he added: “We have set 2012 as the target … Whether we get there, of course, is in the lap of the gods.” Result: 1 Julie Hollman (Belgrave Harriers) 6.27m (+3.7); 2 Chelsea Cooper (City of Stoke AC, U17) 5.91m (+4.0); 3 Alice Lennox (City of Stoke AC, U17) 5.62m (+3.4); 4 Eleanor Markendale (Pendle AC, U17) 5.60m (+2.9); 5 Heidi Jarosinski (Halesowen C&AC, U20) 5.49m (++2.9); 6 Hannah Hewitson (Vale Royal AC, U17) 5.35m (+2.7).


B competition: Under 15 Lisa Sabel (Sale Harriers Manchester) held her nerve as the blustery wind repeatedly threw her run-up off course and won with a last round leap of 5.37m. Despite the wind-borne problems that foiled her hopes of improving on her best of 5.59m, she had no criticism of the JumpsFest concept: “I love it! You can concentrate on one event and compete against older athletes. I love to be challenged; I don’t want to sit back and relax. And you get prize money; it makes you feel like a professional.” Her ultimate ambition? “London 2012. Imagine competing in front of a home crowd like the one in Gothenburg this week! I’ve been watching the European Championships and how the Swedish athletes are getting all the support. It shows what it’ll be like for us in London.” Result: 1 Lisa Sabel (Sale Harriers Manchester, U15) 5.37m (+1.6); 2 Fiona Hunter-Johnston (Forest of Dean AC, U17) 5.19m (+4.9); 3 Claire O’Reilly (Derby AC, U20) 4.98m (+2.3); 4 Helen Hanstock (Stroud and District AC, U17) 4.48m (+3.4); 5 Laura Devergori (Chesterfield AC, U20) 3.97m (+3.5).


Men’s triple jump Elite competition: Tosin Oke (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) reached 16.50m, his furthest this season, in the sixth and final round to score a victory over UK Challenge Series leader Julian Golley (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC). It added 51 points to Oke’s total from his four best Challenge results this summer and consolidated his second place in the standings. Result: 1 Tosin Oke (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies, SM) 16.50m (+1.3); 2 Julian Golley (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC, SM) 16.07m (+3.4); 3 Gary White (UWIC AC / Rugby and Northampton AC, SM) 15.53m (+0.5); 4 Phil Ferdinand (Birchfield Harriers, SM) 15.05m (+2.1); 5 Sam Bobb (Blackheath and Bromley, SM) 14.79m (+2.3); 6 Elliot O’Neill (Macclesfield / Cardiff, SM) 14.77m (+1.6).


A competition: 1 Lawrence Harvey (Trafford AC, SM) 14.87m (+4.3); 2 Matt Barton (Leeds City AC, SM) 14.79m (+2.2); 3 James Townsend (Sale Harriers Manchester, SM) 14.64m (+2.0); 4 Wyn Roberts (Swansea Harriers, U20) 14.43m (+1.5); 5 David Smith (Derby AC, SM) 13.80m (+4.1).


B competition: 1 Joe Curtis (Solihull and Smallheath, U20) 14.41m (+4.0); 2 Chris Bartlett (Stratford upon Avon AC, U17) 13.94m (+1.2); 3 Andrew Bullimore (Huntingdon AC, U20) 13.78m (+2.0); 4 Gary Wilson (Belgrave Harriers, SM) 13.62m (+2.4); 5 Adebayo Babatunde (Middlesbrough Mandale, U20) 13.22m (+1.3); 6 Mike Ehlen (Sale Harriers Manchester, U17) 12.63m (+3.1); 7 Ben Williams (City of Stoke, U17) 12.45m (+3.7).


Women’s triple jump Elite competition: In the absence of UK Challenge leader Nadia Williams, fourth-placed Debbie Rowe (Birchfield Harriers) leapt a season’s best of 13.01m to beat the two athletes immediately ahead of her in the standings. Her winning effort came in the second round with a legal wind (+1.9). Reigning Challenge Champion Becky White (Sale Harriers Manchester) responded with 12.91m (wind: +0.1), her third-best in the Challenge this summer, also in the third round. Stephanie Aneto (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) reached 12.90m (wind: +1.0), also her third-best in the Challenge this summer, in the final round to ensure a dramatic conclusion to a good competition. Result: 1 Debbie Rowe (Birchfield Harriers) 13.01m (+1.9); 2 Becky White (Sale Harriers Manchester) 12.91m (wind: +0.1); 3 Stephanie Aneto (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 12.90m (wind: +1.0); 4 Anna Kelly (Shrewsbury AC, U20) 12.51m (+1.9); 5 Sinead Gutzmore (Highgate Harriers, SW) 12.35m (+0.1); 6 Hannah Frankson (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies, U20) 12.29m (+0.2).


A competition: The first event of a cold, wind-swept morning was sensational, providing the two furthest jumps ever by UK Under 17 Women. Both were wind-assisted – but both had magnificent legal leaps, too. Kayley Alcorn (Worthing and District Harriers) opened with the furthest, 12.37m with the aid of a +2.9 wind. Hannah Hewitson (Vale Royal AC) ended her series of six jumps with 12.33m (wind: +4.4). With legal wind speeds, Hewitson went out to 12.09m in round two (wind: +2.0), to go sixth on the UK all-time list for the age group. Alcorn followed with 12.03m (wind: +1.6) to go seventh in the all-time rankings – then said: “Hanna and I always have good competitions. There was only 1cm between us at the AAA Under 17 Championships last week. It was pleasing today because, even though I had three no jumps, all of my jumps were beyond my old PB (11.88m). It’s weird to be told I’ve jumped further than any other UK Under 17!”

Alcorn, who is coached by Glyn Crack and decided to concentrate on the event after enjoying the standing triple jump at sports:hall competitions, added: “At the start of this season, I wanted to break 12 metres. Now I suppose my next target has to be 12.50m. My ultimate target? It’s got to be London 2012. I have always wanted to be in the Olympic Games since I watched them on TV as a little girl. If I work hard enough …”


Result: 1 Kayley Alcorn (Worthing and District Harriers, U17) 12.37m (+2.9) / 12.03m (+1.6); 2 Hanna Hewitson (Vale Royal AC, U17) 12.33m (+4.4) / 12.09m (+2.0); 3 Claire O’Reilly (Derby AC, U20) 11.39m (+3.4); 4 Heidi Jarosinski (Halesowen C&AC, U20) 10.66m (+1.6); 5 Hannah Walsh (Charnwood AC, U17) 10.47m (+2.3); 6 Louise Wright (Bedford and County AC, U17) 10.36m (+2.6).