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rutherford's 8.51m british record jump ratified 

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Rutherford Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix
27 May 2014

British Athletics has today confirmed that Greg Rutherford’s (coach: Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo) British record jump of 8.51m has been ratified. The competition, which took place in Chula Vista, USA on Friday 25 April saw Rutherford eclipse the previous best British mark by 16cm.

A statement has been released from the Technical Advisory Group on the ratification of Greg Rutherford’s jump:

This being a UK Record application, under current arrangements, it is a matter to be considered by the Technical Advisory Group. Having considered all the available evidence the Technical Advisory Group recommends that the record be ratified.

In reaching this decision, the Group which included 4 x IAAF level officials, considered:

·         The field scorecard for the event, signed by a licensed USA Track and Field official

·         The wind speed card for the event

·         The performance satisfied USA Track and Field Rules

·         The programme/entry list for the event

Contact was also made with the Meeting Director, who responded satisfactorily to a number of questions. 

In considering a UK Record application, we would not normally consider video evidence.   In usual circumstances, we require a record application form and the appropriate support documentation.

However, given the controversy generated via social media surrounding this performance, the Group looked very carefully at the available video and photographic evidence and considered two points:-

1.    It was not an official video.

2.    It was not taken directly in line with the take-off board.

Note the video was assessed by the Technical Advisory Group. The key phrase to note is “If such evidence, including any available video evidence, is inconclusive the decision of the Referee .... shall be upheld.” (Rule 146.8) In our considered opinion, the video evidence is inconclusive.