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BA Kit Carriers

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Volunteer Feedback Form - Outdoors 2018

Section 1: Motivation

Where did you hear about the opportunity to volunteer at British Athletics Major Events? (please select all that apply) »
Did you apply to volunteer at British Athletics Major Events for any of the following reasons? (please select all that apply) »
Section 2: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Your Volunteering
What form(s) of recognition have you recieved as a volunteer? This can be as an individual or as a group. »
What form(s) of recognition would you value most?  »
Section 3: Events
Which events did you volunteer at this season? (Please tick all that apply) »

Section 4: Your Experience

Please only complete this section based on your experience volunteering this season at British Athletics. 

Section 5: Future Behavior

Section 6: Personal Characteristics
Section 7: Any Other Business
Thank you for completing this survey. We aim to use any feedback provided to improve the volunteering experience we provide.

To view the British Athletics Volunteer Privacy Policy, please click here.