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Athlete Performance Template

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A standardised format for evaluating the performance and/or potential of athletes is essential for a number of reasons. With an accurate and valid method, we achieve the following:

A means of evaluating athletes, in order that funding and other support decisions can be made more objectively.

A means of identifying weak areas in the profile, in order that support and development may be optimally focussed.

A means of evaluating progress, in order that support professionals’ and, most crucially, coaches’ contributions can be assessed. Genuine systems of reward/recognition against development/sanction are enabled. 

In short, most of our aims are supported and progressed by developing and coherently deploying such a methodology.

For all factors, every effort is made to ensure the ratings are as objective and ‘clean’ as possible. It is also important to recognise that scores may be subject to quasi-legal (or even fully legal) appeal processes. Scores and rationale are clearly and openly discussed with the athlete and coach, so objectivity is key. Interpersonal concerns MUST NOT prevent the consideration and comprehensive address of difficult but crucial issues, especially in developing athletes. The longer an issue is left un-addressed, the harder it is to change and the greater its impact on performance.

Increased validity/objectivity should be achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Use of additional input from appropriate specialists or informed others.

  • Providing a clear rationale for all scores.

  • Appending relevant evidence to the document.

  • Relating scores and rationale to previous years’ comment

This attached version is intended for use with World Class Performance athletes, plus those ‘accelerated promotion’ athletes from the WC-Development ranks. Assessments take place annually, and are completed by the relevant Senior Performance Manager with extra input as required. These form the basis of performance review meetings between an athlete and their coach/ Point of Contact/Technical Lead and Head Coach, which decide on both levels of resource, annual and Olympic cycle goals, specific support needs and the season plan.